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Community Events

October 26th - 

  • Brightwood Community Center and St. Marks UMC Presents
    2019 Community Beautification Project
  • Time: 8am-12pm
  • The Brightwood Community Center Site
    2410 Station St., Indianapolis, IN 46218
  • To sign-up for this volunteer opportunity please call us at 317-546-8200 or Email us at

November 5th - 

Thank you for being a valued community partner to the MSD of Lawrence Township! 

Passing the Lawrence Township referendum on November 5th depends on the support of our community. We’re grateful for YOU, and your support! 

This online toolkit has been developed to assist you in communicating the message about the referendum to the larger community.  Please help us out by sharing the information that best suits your network or congregation.   

In this toolkit you’ll find:

· Facts to share with your friends & neighbors.

· Videos to share on social media, at a community event, or on your church monitor. Download the videos and use as you like!

· An informational brochure to print and share with others.

· Our logo that can be printed and shared with others to hang on your community billboard.